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Jumla distributes Modern agricultural equipment to the farmers

Agriculture Development Office Jumla has provided Rs. 3.3 million worth of agricultural equipment to farmers. 

Tools have been distributed to make it easier for farmers in agriculture, said Bala Karam Devkota, head of the Agriculture Development Office, Jumla.

New and modern tools have been distributed in the market as traditional tools take more time and reduce production. 

Chief of the office, Devkota, said that the agricultural implements were distributed with the objective of facilitating agricultural work. 

According to the Agriculture Office, 32 thresher machines, 22 hand tractors, 78 sets of cutting machines, two power trailers, and two lift pump sets were distributed from the office.

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Khemraj Shahi, senior agriculture officer of the office, said that the farmers have been provided with the necessary agricultural implements. 

Hand tractors have been provided to the farmers to facilitate mining. 

The apples produced in Jumla have been sold and the remaining tea-making equipment has also been handed over to the farmers. 

According to the office, 41 irrigation project offices will be constructed in the current fiscal year to provide development facilities and irrigation facilities to the agricultural sector.

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