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Kabaddi 4 movie online (2022):- The most recent Nepalese film, Kabaddi 4: The Final Match, is captivating audiences throughout the world.

Kabaddi 4 was launched on May 27, 2022, and runs for over 2 hours and 17 minutes. It is said to be the fourth and last Kabaddi installment. This Nepali romantic film is the most anticipated film of 2022 among Nepali moviegoers. Audiences adore Dayahang Rai’s portrayal of the primary character, Kaji.

This film may have been produced with a modest budget of 3 crores, but it does not appear to be a low-budget film. The film’s first-day earnings were substantial, amounting to 3.2 crores. Producer Mani Ram Pokharei is ecstatic about the film’s success. In addition, Dayahang Rai’s social media following expanded shortly after the publication of this film.

Kabaddi 4: The Final Match Film Plot (Spoilers & Facts)

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Sharing the story of the film, Kaji (Dayahang Rai) used to be a young man who failed the third grade. He was originally from Mustang, Nepal. He desires to marry the female character Maiyya. Maiyya is Kaji’s maternal uncle’s daughter. Typically, he proposes marriage to Maiyya. However, Maiyya consistently declines his offer. Maiyya is now completely fed up with Kaji’s teasing and idiocy.

Maiyya rejects Kaji’s proposal, yet she has never let him down. Kaji, with the assistance of his two pals Beekay and Chantyal, chose to marry Maiyya through a process known as Capture Marriage (an illegal but still in use way of marriage.) Kaji has decided to accompany Maiyya to Kathmandu, where she will complete her education.

However, Maiyya runs away with a man named “Bibek” next. Kaji uses a trail to locate Maiyya. While searching for Maiyyaa, Kaji is captured by Bibek. Then, Kaji discovers that Bibek is not a good man and is seeking vengeance against Maiyya’s father. The conclusion of the film is what makes it intriguing to watch. The film also includes the song “Keshrai” performed by S.D. Yogi.