The span of the Kamala river bridge collapsed without completion

01 July 2021 17:58 PM | UPDATED 5 months ago

01 July 2021 17:58 PM

The span of the Kamala river bridge connecting Siraha and Dhanusha under the Postal Highway has collapsed.

 A span of the Kamala River bridge, which is in the final stages of construction, has collapsed due to floods.

Siraha Chief District Officer Pradeepraj Kandel said that one of the 12 spans of the bridge at Buspitta Ghat in Siraha had collapsed.

 More than a foot of span collapsed in the flood, he said.

Currently, the flood level in Kamala river has risen. After the span of the bridge collapsed, the bridge had to be rebuilt, said Prajia Kandel.

The bridge was being constructed by Lumbini Builders. 

Engineer Suryaprakash Sharma of the company said that 99 percent of the construction work of the bridge had been completed only two years ago and now only the finishing work was left.

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