Kankai flood: Road floods, 90 families staying on the island

07 September 2021 13:47 PM | UPDATED 3 months ago

07 September 2021 13:47 PM

The Hokkalbari settlement of Mahabhara of Gaurigunj-1 in Jhapa has been closed to the public due to the incessant rains of the past few days.

By breaking the dam there, the water of Kankai has flowed towards Hokkalbari from Tappu. 

Prem Rai, a local, said that the dam broke through the area between Chauri and Hokalbari on Monday night despite efforts to stop the erosion.

According to him, some families in the vicinity of Tappu have been displaced due to the river floods. He said that they were breaking the causeway by entering the river at night.

According to him, when Kankai changed its course and returned to its previous place, hundreds of families have been displaced and the current 90 families in the area are in trouble. There is an increased risk of disconnection.

Earlier, a team comprising the Chief District Officer and district security officials had conducted an on-site inspection in the affected area.

Ward Chairman of Gauriganj-1, Kartik Lal Rajbanshi, said that the impact of Kankai’s erosion on the settlement has been brought to the notice of the upper body besides the local government and all necessary prevention measures have been initiated considering the immediate risks.

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