Kannada actress Swati’s facial expressions deteriorated after the surgery

Kathmandu. Indian actress Swati Satish recently underwent root canal surgery which proved costly for her.

Due to wrong treatment, the face of this Kannada actress has deteriorated. Some of his pictures have also become public after the bad surgery. Swati has blamed the doctor for her condition. She has also been accused of treating patients incorrectly.

According to the details, the actress, who lives in Bangalore, had recently undergone root canal surgery. After that, her face became swollen and painful.

Even after three weeks, his face remained the same. Her whole appearance has deteriorated, making it difficult to identify her. That is why she has stopped going out of the house.

According to media reports, Swati had given false information about the treatment and medicine as per the allegations leveled against the doctor. Upon learning of this, she rushed to another hospital.

Even before Swati, actor Chetan Raj had died during plastic surgery.

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