Why’Kareena Boycott’ campaign trending on Twitter?

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The social network Twitter is widely used in India, whether it’s to make an artist an overnight star or to criticize an artist.

It has been reported that Kareena Kapoor has been offered the lead role in the movie ‘Sita’. It was also reported in the Indian media that Kareena had demanded Rs 120 million for the role. However, the production team of the film and Kareena have not said anything about this.
As soon as this news became public, the ‘Kareena boycott’ campaign was launched on the social network Twitter.

After all, why is there so much outrage about Kareena?

In particular, there are some people who think that the role of ‘Sita’ will not be judged when Kareena works in this film. Many have demanded to take a heroine who believes in any Hindi religion for this film. Some users have argued that Kareena cannot play the role of ‘Sita’ as she is the mother of Taimur Ali Khan.

Similarly, a photo of Kareena smoking on the screen of the movie has been made public and some Twitter users have said that she is not fit to be ‘Sita’.

Some Twitter users have even argued that if Kareena is finalized for the role, she will protest against Bollywood. However, Kareena and the film’s team have not commented on the matter. However, there is a trend on Twitter to boycott Kareena.