Karnali government’s policies and programs passed


The policy and program of the Karnali state government have been passed. 

The policy program was passed after Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi replied in the meeting held on Tuesday.

The three UML state assembly members reinstated by the Supreme Court, who are also ministers, are in favor of the policy and program.

UML had demanded that its lawmakers stay in the opposition Roma, warned to block the parliament and issued a whip to vote against the policy and program.

But the three ministers did not agree. “Whatever the party meeting decides, we will pass the policies and programs brought by the government. We will vote in favor of the government,” said Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development Ammar Bahadur Thapa.

In Tuesday’s meeting, parliamentary party leader Yamlal Kandel announced that he would assist in running the parliament due to the constitutional obligation to present the budget.