Karnali’s human rights status remains dire

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Although there have been fewer incidences of human rights violations in Karnali, the situation remains dire.

According to figures from 2021, 430 cases of human rights violations occurred in Karnali in a single year. According to the Human Rights Year Book, 2022 released on Saturday in Birendranagar Surkhet by the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Karnali Pradesh, 320 women, and 76 men have been harmed by human rights violations.

According to INSEC Karnali province Office Surkhet Coordinator Narayan Subedi, there are 34 direct victims, comprising four women and thirty men. Human rights violations directly affected 58 persons in 2020, including seven women and 51 males. A total of 426 persons were impacted in that year, including 332 women and 94 males.

In 2021, two individuals died in prisons, 34 people were murdered (including 20 women and 14 males), and 12 people were intimidated. In 205 occurrences of violence against women, there were 115 victims, including 80 cases of rape, 29 cases of attempted rape, and 29 cases of sexual abuse.