Kathmandu children Vaccination drive to start from tomorrow

Kathmandu children Vaccination

From tomorrow, Kathmandu and Lalitpur will begin a vaccination drive for youngsters aged 12 to 17.

Children will be allowed to get vaccinated at their schools, according to health experts.

According to Area Health Office Kathmandu Chief Shambhu Kafle, the goal is to vaccinate around 270,000 students in the Kathmandu district using the Pfizer vaccine.

The health department anticipates that 10% more youngsters will be vaccinated. According to Kafle, the essential materials, including vaccinations for 300,000 youngsters, would be delivered to the vaccination centers. “The office has delegated responsibility for selecting the vaccination center to the local level,” he continues.

Lalitpur has also decided to begin administering the Pfizer vaccination to youngsters at all six local levels on Tuesday. The goal, according to Satish Bista, chief of the Lalitpur health office, is to vaccinate 71,301 youngsters.

“Schools with more than 200 kids will be vaccination centers,” he added, adding that students from schools with fewer than 200 students will be able to get vaccinated at another nearby vaccination station.

Since Sunday, several residents in the Bhaktapur district have been vaccinating youngsters.