Lockdown in Kathmandu will likely extend for another week


The lockdown order in the Kathmandu valley is likely to be extended for another week.

Preparations have been taken to extend the prohibitory order by one week in order to lower the risk of coronavirus infection in the Valley. The Valley’s Chief District Officers (CDO) will meet in this respect on Tuesday.

Kali Prasad Parajuli, Chief District Officer of the District Administration Office in Kathmandu, stated that they are ready to prolong the order for one week due to the critical condition of the second wave of coronavirus illness. “We just noticed that the transition rate in the valley has not yet dropped. “The one-week prohibition order will be considerably tighter now,” Parajuli said.

“Vegetable shops are busier in the morning. We’re doing our research on how to handle it during the order.” The administration has concentrated on ways to lower infection rates by minimizing congestion in food stores that are open till 10 a.m.

According to Parajuli, the administration is considering scaling back its presence in banks, financial institutions, and government offices. “A conversation will now take place about how to reduce the infection rate by tightening the one-week order. The issue will be discussed in the Ministry of Home Affairs, according to Parajuli. In addition, an ordinance has been created to prevent coronavirus infection.

Initiatives to control infectious diseases will be more stringent under the ordinance. The ordinance, according to Parajuli, has significantly broadened the scope of action and punishment. According to the ordinance, the CDO can sentence violators to up to a year in prison or fine them Rs 100,000 to 500,000.

According to Lalitpur Assistant Chief District Officer Lalit Kumar Basnet, the valley’s infection incidence has lately fallen. He claims to be doing his studies in order to extend the order for another week because the infection rate has not decreased as much as it should.

“The Kathmandu Valley’s transition rate has not yet diminished. That is why we must maintain the prohibitory order,” he stated.