Kathmandu’s garbage collection stops for a few more days

Kathmandu Garbage
Photo: Setopati / Publicly Available for Viewing

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has appealed to the metropolitan residents not to take out the garbage in their houses.

The office of the corporation issued a public notice on Monday and appealed not to take out the garbage from the house.

The metropolis has requested not to take out the garbage from the house as the road leading to the garbage disposal site in the valley has deteriorated.

“The road at the landfill site has deteriorated due to incessant rains for the past few days and we are appealing not to dispose of the garbage for some time,” the statement said.

It is said that the municipality will come to the door to pick up garbage only after the landfill site comes into operation. 

Garbage has been piled up on the roadsides of Kathmandu for the past few days.

The road leading to the landfill site at Sisdol in Kakani Gaonpalika-2 of Nuwakot has been damaged.