Kathmandu’s policy and program passed with amendments – Online Khabar

Kathmandu's policy and program passed with amendments - Online Khabar

July 8, Kathmandu. Kathmandu Metropolitan City has unanimously passed its policy and program amendment proposal.

The second meeting of the 11th Municipal Council has passed the amendment proposed by the Municipal Council members.

Mayor of the metropolis Balen Sah said that he would go ahead by accepting the issues raised by the municipal council members with amendments and proposed to pass policies and programs with amendments. Which was unanimously passed by the members of the Municipal Council.

Demand from Vadabhavan to Tundikhel Khali

Municipal council members had demanded from the construction of buildings in Kathmandu wards to the evacuation of Tundikhel. Speaking at the meeting, Ward no. Tekraj Adhikari of 9 had demanded to compile the voter list in each ward.

Similarly, Ward no. Santosh Dhungel, 29, said that the lack of an interpreter in the metropolitan office was a problem for the deaf. Stating that the remaining ward buildings should be constructed immediately, Dhungel said that the conciliators could not work in each ward and demanded to make them effective.

Municipal council member Shobhadevi Manandhar said that the houses built without passing the map should be demolished at the expense of the householder or initiative should be taken to pass the map. She said that policies and programs need to be put into practice as they are good in words.

Similarly, Ward no. Shri Ram Rai, 9, said that small saplings should be planted on the sidewalks of Kathmandu. He said that the roads of the metropolis should be handicapped friendly, there should be bicycle lanes, telephone and internet wires should be arranged.

He said that even though Brumer was driving, the mud carried by the vehicle entering Kathmandu said that the work of Brumer had faded as dust would fly in Kathmandu after sunset. Rai demanded that up to five municipal policemen be deployed in the ward. He had remarked that public awareness was needed to separate the garbage sources of the metropolis.

Similarly, Ward no. Narendra Kumar Thapa, a member of the 6th Municipal Council, demanded that the vehicles used by the people’s representatives and employees be made electric. He said that the subject of the metropolitan hospital has been left out in the policy and program. Thapa also said that the metropolis should ask for parking on the land of Taragaon Development Committee.

Asha Shrestha Rauniyar of Kathmandu-11 said that the people have suffered in the online system while registering the incident. She said that it is necessary to give 25 to 30 percent discount to the ward residents of Kathmandu.

Chandraman Tuladhar, a member of the Kathmandu 22 Municipal Council, demanded that Tundikhel be reopened by withdrawing it from the Army’s possession.

On the 22nd, Machharaja Maharjan questioned whether the third executive meeting was formal or informal. Municipal council member Maiya Laxmi Maharjan had given a written suggestion.

Deputy Chief Sunita Dangol said that the suggestions will be incorporated in the policy and program. The policy and program were unanimous after the chief and deputy chief committed to address the demands raised in the municipal council when bringing the budget. The metropolis is bringing the budget for the coming fiscal year on July 25.

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