Local-level priorities: agriculture, tourism, health, education, and physical infrastructure

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All the local levels of Kavrepalanchok have put forward agriculture, tourism, health, education, and physical infrastructure in the policy and program of the coming fiscal year 2078/79 BS.

 It has been found that the municipalities have made plans for the coming year on the basis of economic prosperity.

The Dandapari-based Mahabharat village municipality of the district has presented a budget of Rs. 545.934 million for the fiscal year 2078/79. 

Village Municipality Chairman Kanchhalal Zimba said that the municipality has presented the budget by giving priority to agriculture, education, health, physical infrastructure, and tourism.

Chaurideurali village municipality in Koshipari has reviewed the work of the current fiscal year and has taken forward the work of providing agriculture, tourism, infrastructure construction, educational quality of community schools in the village and quality health services from four hospitals and other health institutions in the village.

Kavrepalanchok Village, Agriculture
Kavrepalanchok Village

A budget of Rs. 634.33 million has been made public by the village council of Roshi village municipality for the coming fiscal year 2078/79. Under this, Rs. 12.86 million is projected to be received from internal revenue, Rs. 147.49 million from revenue sharing, Rs. 108.7 million from federal government equalization and Rs. 310 million conditional / special / supplementary grant for the coming years.

Village Chairman Dal Bahadur Lama said that the new policy and program has been presented with the slogan ‘Roshi’s vision, tourism and agriculture’, giving special priority to agriculture, tourism, education, health and construction of physical infrastructure.

Dhulikhel Municipality has presented a budget of Rs. 1.15 billion for the coming Fiscal Year 2078/79. The budget has given priority to control and management of the Covid epidemic and treatment of citizens, self-employment, increase in income and poverty reduction.

Similarly, the Panauti Municipality has presented a budget of Rs. 1.5569 billion for the coming years.

The municipality will pay Rs. 80 per month at the rate of Rs. 80 per month to 5,511 households in July. The remittance family has announced to pay one year amount.

The Temal Municipality, on the other hand, has mentioned the business of Bodhichitta Mala as a source of financial resources and has put forward a policy to promote it and facilitate its export.

 At the same time, emphasis has been laid on vegetable and fruit farming, and policies and programs have been put forward to provide basic services such as irrigation, distribution of fruit seedlings, soil testing, grants in animal husbandry, training, and so on.

Similarly, tourism development, educational reform, youth and sports development, health care, and drinking water schemes have been given priority in Temal, which has potential for the development of the tourism sector, while upgrading of roads has been given priority in infrastructure development. 

For this, the objective of ‘Pioneer in Infrastructure and Health, Identity of Prosperous Temal’ has been continued, said the village municipality.