According to police, a man killed his wife, two minor children, and himself in Kavresthali, on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

Dinesh Pandey, his wife Sunita Kapri Pandey, and the couple’s son Ashik and daughter Ashika were discovered dead in their home earlier today.

Kavresthali News

The incident was brought to the attention of the neighbors when the daughter failed to appear on the road to catch her school bus this morning. Her friends called her from outside, but no one answered.

The case was then reported to the police by neighbors.

It was discovered that the couple had been at odds for several years and had gone to the police three times in the last few months to settle their differences.

Investigators also discovered a four-page suicide note written by Pandey at the scene of the incident.

Pandey spent 12 years in Kuwait before returning to Kathmandu 4.5 years ago.