KP Oli accuses the Supreme Court of amending the constitution

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Prime Minister KP Oli

Outgoing Prime Minister and CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli has expressed strong dissatisfaction over the Supreme Court’s decision.

The next day, Oli criticized the Supreme Court’s order to reinstate the parliament and order the appointment of Sher Bahadur Deuba, who had garnered the support of 149 lawmakers, as prime minister. 

Speaking on television before leaving Singha Durbar, Oli claimed that the Supreme Court had amended the constitution.

He claims that the Supreme Court’s decision has upset the balance between the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. “It simply came to our notice then. 

“It may bring a sense of victory in some,” he said, “but victory at the cost of democracy will be fleeting and meaningless.”

He also slammed the decision of Article 76 (5) of the constitution not to use party whip, saying that the court had brought serious consequences in 1995 AD when it took politics off track.

He said that the party system has been challenged by the interpretation that the people will be elected on the basis of the party’s election symbol and manifesto, but those who can support the formation of the government will be able to vote wherever they want.

Oli, who is also the UML chairperson, said, “The misinterpretation of the constitution has actually amended the constitution to fulfill the aspirations of certain people.”

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said the Supreme Court had shown excessive judicial activism, adding that it would not take the country to its destination.

“Extreme judicial activism and hand in hand on every issue can neither reach the destination nor (the court) can carry such a heavy burden.”

He said that the Supreme Court had also ruled on issues that had not been raised and the plaintiffs had not demanded.

Oli said he had been appointed prime minister by popular vote and had now resigned at the behest of the Supreme Court. “The people’s mandate is in my favor.

The order went in favor of Sher Bahadurji. I came out because of the Supreme Court’s order,” he said.

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