KP Sharma Oli re-elected as UML president today

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KP Sharma Oli has been elected as the Chairman of CPN-UML as he gets majority votes on general election.

KP Sharma Oli has been re-elected as the chairperson for a four-year term from the 10th National General Convention held in Chitwan.

Another candidate Bhim Rawal got 223 votes while Oli got 1808 votes, said Baburam Dahal, a member of the election committee. However, the election committee has not formally announced the results.

Elections were held on Tuesday morning after a failed attempt to elect a unanimous leadership. Out of 2153 representatives of UML, 2 thousand 96 votes were cast.

Oli has been leading the UML since he was elected in the ninth general convention. Rawal became the vice president of the ninth general convention. After being nominated for the post of chairperson at the 10th general convention, Rawal had announced that he would not be a member of the central committee unless he becomes the chairperson.