Krishna Pokharel directs employees to execute federalism

Krishna Pokharel

Gandaki Province Chief Minister Krishna Pokharel has ordered personnel to work in a result-oriented way in order to properly implement federalism.

People should be aware of the changes brought about by federalism, he said, noting that the provincial government is the main platform for educating people about federalism.

CM Pokharel said this while launching a training program for government personnel organized by Gandaki Training Institutes on Monday. He emphasized the importance of adopting federalism with the resources at hand. Employees are the backbone of the government, and their actions have a direct impact on the public, thus accountability is crucial, according to CM Pokharel.

He anticipated that the training would be beneficial in increasing the capabilities of the personnel.

Dr. Raghuraj Kafle, Vice-Chairperson of the Province Policy and Planning Commission, further stated that the people deserve to be served in a respectable manner.

Rabi Lal Panth, the province’s Chief Secretary, urged the training attendees to make the most of their time there.