Krishna Timalsina Announces candidacy for NRNA Europe Coordinator

Krishna Timalsina

Krishna Timalsina has announced his candidature for the post of Europe Regional Coordinator of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA).

Timilsina has announced on social media that he will run for the post of Europe Regional Coordinator for the 10th General Assembly in October. He is currently the Deputy Coordinator of the NRNA Europe Region.

Timalsina was elected Europe Regional Deputy Coordinator by popular vote at the Ninth General Convention.

Timalsina (2015-2017), a British resident who joined the NRNA in 2007, was a central member of the NRN. 

He was also in charge of the association’s short-term and long-term planning committee and the investment promotion committee.

He has previously served as an advisor to the Non-Resident Nepali Association UK and was previously a member of the working committee and vice-chairman of the UK Non-Resident Nepali Association.

Timalsina, whose ancestral home is Dhading Dhuwankot, has invested in various businesses in Nepal.