Kumkum Bhagya written update for 13th October 2021

Kumkum Bhagya written update
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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update for Episode 13 2021, Read the Episode on what happens next for Kumkum bhagya.

The Episode starts with Rhea telling Aaliya that Pallavi’s aunty wanted to go for a honeymoon when they are on the verge of getting a divorce.

Aaliya asks if Pallavi knows about the divorce. Rhea says no. Sid was about to say when some guest came. Aaliya asks her to do damage control and says Sid is the bridge between Ranbir and you. She asks her to apologize to Sid, and asks her to say whatever she said was in anger. Rhea says I can’t do that. Aaliya says if you want to get close to Ranbir then you have to go on a honeymoon with Sid. Does Rhea say how I will get closer to Ranbir then? Aaliya asks her to create such a situation that Ranbir comes to her room. She says I love you so much and used to love Purab like you loved Ranbir. (Kumkum Bhagya written update)

She says I have created such a situation, and Disha saw us in the bathroom and left from his life. She says you have to do something, and Prachi shall see Ranbir and you both together, shall get doubtful and leave from his life. She says you have to set your destiny and ruin Prachi’s destiny. She says Pallavi gave you a good opportunity and tells you that she has to go. Rhea thanks her and says bye. (Kumkum Bhagya written update)

Dida asks Prachi to pack her bags. Prachi says I am not going anywhere and wants Sid and Rhea to spend some time alone. Rhea thinks even if I don’t want to take her along with us, thinks about how to convince her.

She calls Shaina and asks her to come to her. She tells Shaina that Mummy wanted us to go on a honeymoon, and says if Prachi doesn’t come for honeymoon, then Ranbir will not come. Shaina says Pallavi’s aunty will not ask her to go. Rhea says she doesn’t like Prachi, but I want Prachi to refuse Mummy, and her ego will be hurt, and then she will force her. Shaina says your Dadi saas will do this work. Shaina says Dida has doubts about me already. She says she can say this on one condition and whispers something in her ear. (Kumkum Bhagya written update)

They go to Dida’s room. Shaina asks Rhea to forget the past and move on in life. Rhea says how to forget the past. Shaina says they are very happy together. Rhea says they stay as friends and there is nothing like husband and wife between them. Dida hears them. Rhea says I strongly feel that this is happening, as they don’t have a honeymoon, and if they have a honeymoon then they might get close and I might forget about my past with Ranbir. Does she say if someone hears me then? She asks her to come. (Kumkum Bhagya written update)

Dida calls Prachi and asks why you don’t want to go on their honeymoon. Prachi says Sid and Rhea will get disturbed. Dida asks her to come with her. She takes her to Pallavi and says I heard that you will send Prachi and Ranbir for honeymoon. Pallavi says yes. Dida says Prachi feels that Rhea and Sid will get disturbed. Pallavi asks why she is thinking like this and tells that the rooms are far so there is no question of disturbing. She asks Prachi to pack her bags and pack warm clothes. (Kumkum Bhagya written update)

Prachi smiles and goes. Rhea and Shaina hear them and tell them that the work is done. Prachi comes to the room and tells Ranbir that they are going on a honeymoon. Ranbir says you said that let him go. Prachi says Mummy wanted us to go, as she has done booking and rooms are far. (Kumkum Bhagya written update)

She says I am very happy, that she asked us to go, and ordered me like a mother. He asks if I have any importance in your life. Prachi asks him to come to Manali and see. He says I am very happy. Dida thinks they need a honeymoon, very happy here. She thinks can’t believe that something good is happening due to Rhea.

Rhea calls Aaliya and says if Prachi comes with Ranbir then she will not leave him. Aaliya says I made my plan and thought about what we will do if Prachi refuses. She says she made a company called Ranbir’s company so that he comes there for work.

She asks her to take medicines from the chemist, using which Prachi will get vomiting for 6 hours and she can’t go. She says only Ranbir will go for business purposes. She asks her to go with Sid and return with Ranbir. Rhea asks Shaina to get medicine for her.

Shaina goes. Rhea comes to Sid and says I told hurtful things to you, and tells that there are fights in any relations, and tells that we have communication problems rather than compatibility. She says I feel that we shall go on this trip and we might understand each other. She says we can try and it can be successful if you help me in my attempt. Sid says I think this relationship needs a second chance and shakes hands with her. he says I am glad that you thought this. Rhea thanks him and goes.

She thinks it is easy to handle him and Buji’s medicine will handle Prachi. She comes to the kitchen and asks Prachi what is she doing? Prachi says she is making tea for Dad. Shaina distracts Prachi. Rhea says shall I help you. Prachi says tea is made. Shaina says let me see Rhea working. Rhea says you are saying as if I don’t do work. Shaina asks her to pour tea into the cup.

She says if you know when the tea gets ready. Prachi asks Rhea to serve tea in the cups and bring it outside. She says I will take breakfast outside. Rhea takes the tray and serves tea in the cups. She then adds medicine to the teacup and mixes it with a spoon. She says tea is yours, but the trick is mine. She says you can’t go on a honeymoon and Ranbir and I will go for our unofficial honeymoon. Shaina asks her to call and inform her of whatever happened. She takes the tray.

Vikram tells Pallavi that she did right to send them for a honeymoon. She is also happy and tells that how office work will be handled. Vikram tells that they will go out in the evening. Pallavi asks honeymoon. Vikram says it is not a bad idea. Dida comes there. Does Pallavi ask what is he saying? Vikram indirectly asks her, if there is an age of romance. Dida says no. Sid and Ranbir come there. Ranbir says we will take the company to new heights. Vikram tells that they have got investors in Manali for their business. Prachi comes there and sits, keeping the snacks tray. Rhea and Shaina come there. Shaina asks Rhea to give tea to others while she gives it to Prachi.

Recap: Rhea gives tea to Prachi and thinks you are a gone case, I will get rid of you tomorrow. Aaliya tells Abhi that she didn’t leak the quotation. Abhi says I didn’t say, you have only taken your name. He says I don’t want anyone from my family to work with Gaurav, neither Tanu nor you. He says either you will stay in this house or in Gaurav’s company. Pragya hears them.