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July 9, Kathmandu. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Basanta Bahadur Kunwar has taken a leap on the recommendation of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Nepal Police.

He was ranked 13th in his batch when he was promoted from Superintendent of Police (SP) to SSP.

Kunwar, who was ranked fifth when he was promoted as Superintendent of Police (SP) and sixth as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), was at No. 1 when he was promoted as Inspector of Police. He is the brother of Baburam Kunwar, the former state chief of Gandaki. He is currently working at the Kunwar Upatyaka Crime Investigation Office.

Lately, the rank of officers in Nepal Police has been changing on the basis of access to power. According to informed police officials, Kunwar, who is now number one in promotion, has managed to make a leap in promotion due to his relationship with Baburam Kunwar, who was also the Attorney General during the Nepali Congress-led government.

When he came to the forefront in the rankings, surpassing 12 others before him. Sandeep Bhandari, who is in 1st position, has dropped 6 places. Although KP Sharma Oli was promoted to SSP when he was the Prime Minister, he had a close relationship with the then Prime Minister.

The ruling party has been manipulating the promotion of the future Inspector General of Police (IGP). After the current IGP Dhiraj Pratap Singh retired in April 2079 BS, IGP will be appointed from the batch of Kunwar who has been promoted in the first rank. That is why the power center had a special interest in the current promotion.

Now that the Congress-led government is in power, Ashok Singh is also a successful official. Singh, who was released after being promoted to SSP, was promoted to the second batch a year later on 17 April 2077. According to his rank as SSP, he was ranked 20th.

But now that he has a good relationship with Baluwatar, the government has recommended him for promotion to the number three position. When he was the Kathmandu Police Chief, he was removed from his post by Home Minister Bal Krishna Khan, but due to his access to Baluwatar, he stopped the transfer.

While Kiran Rana, who was considered weak in her performance, was also included in the promotion of DIG, SSP Bishnukumar KC, working in the Secretariat of the Inspector General of Police at the Police Headquarters, Naxal, has been released. KC, who has a legal background, is the official to receive the award for the best district police chief while working at the District Police Office, Jhapa.

SSP Tek Prasad Rai, who was second in the DIG promotion recommendation, was in the same category even when he was SSP. Cadre Rai, of the Special Bureau for Monitoring Terrorism and Destructive Activities, is also considered to be involved in transnational crime.

SSP Deepak Thapa, who is at number four, is known as an officer who can take everyone together. Thapa, who was a member of the ‘core team’ of Sarvendra Khanal when he was the Inspector General of Police, is an officer who entered the service as a police inspector on 19 September 2052. Kunwar and Rai are officers who entered the police service on March 20, 2051.

But as he is in the top four, he has also become a contender for the post of future police chief along with Kunwar. He will have a natural claim for the post of IGP to be formed after the current Inspector General Dhiraj Pratap Singh.

Bishwaraj Pokharel, who is currently the Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG), is retiring on July 6. However, he is taking a writ petition against the promotion of Inspector General.

If no decision is reached in favor of Pokhrel before then, Mukunda Acharya, Rabindra Bahadur Dhanuk and Arun Kumar VC will retire due to their age. After that, even those who bet on the vacant AIG post will secure a place for the authorized future Inspector General.

At present, Kunwar, Rai, Singh and Thapa are seen as strong contenders for the post of Inspector General. However, police officials say that it is not possible to say anything immediately as the priorities will be changed and decisions will be made on the basis of proximity to the government.

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