Anyone Dealing with Israel in Kuwait will be imprisoned and fined


Kuwait’s parliament enacted a bill on Friday that stipulates jail time and huge fines for anyone who trades with Israel.

Five Kuwaiti MPs proposed a draft bill in this regard last week.

MPs  Adnan Abdulsamad, Hisham Al Saleh, Ali Al Qattan, Ahmad Al Hamad and Khalil Al Saleh proposed a measure that would prohibit any deals or normalization with Israel.

The draft bill also attempted to prohibit any direct or indirect interaction with Israel, as well as any visit to Israel by Kuwaitis or expats living in the nation.

The bill also attempted to prohibit anyone from expressing sympathy for Israel.

Hundreds of Kuwaitis rallied in favor of Palestinians last week, burning an Israeli flag in protest of Israel’s shelling of Gaza, after officials allowed the gathering to take place despite coronavirus restrictions.

Gulf governments have denounced what they describe as Israel’s egregious breaches of Palestinian rights and demanded an end to hostilities.