Dengue fever cases have been confirmed in some Lalitpur district settlements.

Dengue fever cases have been detected in wards 5 and 14 of the Lalitpur metropolis, as well as some wards of Mahalaxmi municipality in the district, according to the District Health Office chief Dr. Satish Bista.

Lalitpur reports More dengue cases

Following the detection of dengue patients in Manbhawan, Kumaripati, Tikhidewal, and Mahalaxmi, we launched a mosquito search and destroy campaign in the aforementioned areas. According to him, the district has 31 confirmed dengue cases so far.

To reduce the risk of infection, the office advises people to keep their house balcony and surroundings, including yard and garden, neat and clean, and to intervene in stagnant ditches and water in and around the house.

The office, the District Administration Office in Lalitpur, and the local governments have mobilized a sanitation team in the areas where dengue cases have been reported.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne illness, and the primary vectors that transmit the disease, according to the UN, are Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.