Lama Tendi Sherpa passes away this morning

Lama Tendi Sherpa

Former Vice President of National Sports Council (NSC) Lama Tendi Sherpa has passed away on Wednesday morning.

Lama Tendi Sherpa, who was also the former president of the Nepal Basketball Association, passed away at 3 am on Wednesday, said General Secretary of the Nepal Basketball Association Narendra Thapa. A Funeral will be held at Tendi’s Buddhist monastery.

Tendi, who has been suffering from nerve-related diseases for the last two years, was undergoing treatment at a care home in Vishalnagar. Thapa informed that he died on the spot. Earlier, Tendi was taken to India and the United States for treatment.

Sherpa was the former general secretary of the Nepal Olympic Committee and the Nepal Sports Federation and also the former president of the Amrit Science Campus.