Lamjung Dordi River floods 15 houses

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The flood in Dordi river of Dordi village municipality of Lamjung has washed away 15 houses in Hilebazar.

The floods have also damaged four high-tension electricity poles in the market. Due to which electricity and phone communication was also disrupted, said Ward Chairman Tul Bahadur Ghale.

‘The high-tension pole has collapsed. No matter how many other poles have collapsed, ‘he said,’ our ward has been exhausted. It’s raining. There is no other way but to see Ramita. ‘

Ward Chairman Ghale said that all the houses of the local mothers’ group, including the football field, were washed away due to the floods. ‘Pillars of three or four other houses have also started to be removed. The damage has been done, ‘he said.

He informed that the suspension bridge over the Dordi River was also damaged due to the flood. He said that the bridge was damaged due to the collapse of the high tension line. “The market was far above the river, we don’t know how it grew,” he said.

The flood victims have been shifted to a school above the market and a relative’s house, said Ward Chairman Ghale. He said, ‘The bridge is also trapped. All the people are crowded in one place. We’re done. ‘

Ward Chairman Ghale said that the district administration has been informed for relief and rescue but the road leading to the village has been damaged due to landslide. ‘Landslides ate all the way. We have lost contact, ‘he said,’ there is no way to come from the district headquarters. Vehicles can’t come either. ‘