Landslide in Palpa floods 6 houses, kills one

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One person has died and a child has gone missing after a landslide swept away six houses in Tinau Gaonpalika-5 of Palpa district. 

Seven people have been injured in the incident.

Bir Bahadur Gurung, 45, of Tinau-5 has died after being buried in a landslide and a four-year-old son of a local Pooja Pariyar has gone missing, according to police.

However, SP Santosh Kumar Bhattarai said that the police team could not reach the spot as the road to the site was blocked. “A police team has been dispatched on foot but our team has not been able to reach the site due to landslides,” said Bhattarai. “One person has been killed and one child has gone missing.” The incident site falls within the area of ​​Dobhan police station.

Locals said that the houses of Nara Bahadur Rana, Akash Tamang, Hari Darlami, Bir Bahadur Gurung, and Ramesh Pariyar were buried in the landslide.

According to the police, the road has been blocked by landslides in Siddhababa, Jhumsa, Kalimati, and other places.