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July 9, Kathmandu. Kathmandu Metropolitan City is preparing to bring a budget of more than Rs. 25 billion for the fiscal year 2079/80.

A budget of Rs. 18.95 billion 77.12 million was allocated for the current fiscal year of the metropolis.

Deputy Chief Sunita Dangol informed that a budget of more than Rs. 7 billion is being brought for the coming fiscal year. He also said that priority would be given to health and education in the forthcoming budget.

In the current fiscal year, issues like development of physical infrastructure, garbage management, gender equality and social inclusion, language, culture and heritage protection and promotion have also been included in the budget.

In the current Fiscal Year, Rs. 10.80 billion was allocated in the field of physical infrastructure.

In the current budget, Rs. 3.75 billion has been allocated for office operation and administration, Rs. 550 million for economic development, Rs. 2.70 billion for social development, Rs. 10.80 billion for infrastructure development and Rs. 1.15 billion for good governance and inter-related sectors. Was

The metropolis is preparing to bring the budget for the coming year on Friday.

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