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July 7, Kathmandu. Loktantrik Samajwadi Party MP Anil Jha has remarked that the Tarai youths have stopped getting married after the debate over not granting citizenship to foreign brides immediately.

Speaking at a meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, he said,

He said that due to the proposed provision of not getting citizenship immediately, Indian girls have stopped accepting marriages with Nepali youths. ‘Homosexual girls in India are no longer allowed to marry in Nepal. How is this solved? What can the state do? ‘ Leader Jha’s government has a question.

The State Management and Good Governance Committee of the House of Representatives in its report on the Citizenship Act Amendment Bill has a provision to grant citizenship to foreign brides only after 7 years. There is also a provision to issue a residence permit for a period of 7 years in addition to political rights. The report of the Citizenship Bill with this provision is in the House of Representatives.

While the government is preparing to move the bill related to the amendment of the Citizenship Act, Leader Jha said that the citizenship bill should be finalized as soon as possible. However, he has opposed the proposed provision of granting citizenship to foreign brides only after seven years.

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