Local government budget

Local government budget presenting today

The local government levels are presenting the policy, program, and budget for the coming fiscal year in their respective meetings on Thursday. 

Some local levels have already submitted their policies, programs, and budget to the assembly before June 24, while others are about to submit it today.

The Intergovernmental Finance Management Act and the Local Government Operation Act stipulate that all local governments must submit their policies, programs, and budgets to their respective assemblies by June 24.

Spokesperson at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Basanta Adhikari, said that the federal, state and local levels should submit policies, programs and budgets based on their own resources.

Executive Director of the Association of Nepal Municipalities, Kalanidhi Devkota, informed that the budget has been prepared by the local level to uplift the lives of the people from the epidemic of Kovid and conducting activities for the speedy recovery of the economy.

This is the last year for local level people’s representatives to formulate a budget. Therefore, the budget is expected to fulfill the last election’s promise and impress the people in the upcoming election.

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