Local Urges to stop Kaligandaki diversion forever

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Local people have demanded to stop the ‘Kaligandaki Diversion’ project forever.

Saying that it will cause a crisis in the biodiversity and human civilization of the Gandaki civilization.

In a press release issued on behalf of ‘Save Kaligandaki Abhiyan’ on Thursday, they have also drawn the attention of the central government to stop the destructive project immediately.

The statement said, “The naming of ‘Gandaki Pradesh’ after this river also clarifies the interdependent relationship between the river and this civilization. 

The project to divert the entire river is a play on the faith and culture of the people of Gandaki.

It has also demanded the government at all three levels to immediately stop the excavation of stones and sand along the river bank. Locals and engineers of Parbat, Baglung and Palpa districts are now agitating to save Kaligandaki.