Looking at ‘Inconsistent Settlement’ Online – Online Khabar

Looking at 'Inconsistent Settlement' Online - Online Khabar

Concerning the government, the great philosopher Confucius said, “There are three things that the government needs to pay attention to. That is – the abundance of war materials, the abundance of food and the people’s trust in the government. When any of these have to be released, war materials can be released. Then food items can also be left out. But, if the people’s trust in the government is broken, that country cannot function. ‘

Muktak senior poet and Muktakakar Dr. quoted above. Sage Bastakoti’s recently published free collection ‘Bisangat Basti’ has been taken as it is. This book is a collection of 125 pages in 150 pages and is collectible and readable. Language has speed. The settlements, nature, public life and struggles of this sacred land are visible in every liberator of this collection. The impulse of the liberator’s heart and the pain that lingers in the mind seem to speak to most liberators. Poets have succeeded in keeping their side by touching the pulse of social and political developments in this collection.

Inconsistent settlement

My earth is my only sky

Exploitation of nature is called development

Shared house is not tolerated even by nature

He said that his only solution was to solve the problem.

(Song of the Earth-5, Page-19)

This text is contemporary, natural and powerful. Words and emotions flow through the mind of the reader. The unique combination of spontaneity and simplicity makes the mind of the entire reader excited and jingle.

Man is always helped by nature, but sometimes nature needs man’s help.

‘Many things happened here, many wishes came true

Mrigatrishna is seen, perhaps, the dream of the world is unfulfilled

Those great grandsons were burnt alive to change the age

No matter how much their revolution has changed, the same light is incomplete today. ‘

(Mahan Saput, Muktak-31 page 55)

The dream of the renegade politicians was shattered. Their ideal was wasted. The ideals on which the people were united are no more. Democracy was a nominal democracy. Vote banks stood. Racism was promoted. Religious tensions erupted. Expansion The country sank into a cycle of economic dependence. The country is known for its proliferation of terrorist activities, religious bigotry, rampant corruption, and its own leaders devouring its own country.

Note: Page 58 Muktak 34 seeks some improvement. (Ram should be in the mouth)

‘This is a settlement with snakes

This is a settlement with cats and tigers

It is not uncommon for honest people to be called dishonest

This is a settlement with spots inside the moon. ‘

– (In Disparate Settlements, Muktak-93, Page 117)

Tirtha Raj Adhikari
Tirthraj Adhikari

In this book, the administrative malice of the country has been revealed. The poet has used consonantal style to reveal the secret of discrepancy within the country or society. Here the poet speaks of the soul. It has become an everlasting and unforgettable masterpiece.

Within this, a deeper side of human values ​​and relationships has emerged. This collection is the opening of modern human curiosity by excavating the unexpected reality of the scientific age.

The sunshine and shadows of life, the ups and downs, the combination of imagination and the combination of language are the basis of free writing. One emotion, one context and one juice is the identity of the liberator. It is bound. Acharya Dandi has also accepted Muktak as an unconventional poem.

Anandavardhana was the first to use the word muktak in Sanskrit poetry. A verse with miraculous power was also called Muktak. It is also called Mukta because one verse is free from another verse. Since it is completely independent and gives full meaning, the freedom of the liberator is expressed in it. Free reading and listening are essential.

The soul of the liberator is the pleasant communication of the reader’s mind. The collective power of the liberator makes the gathering colorful. The characteristic of any liberator is to find a lot of depth in a few words. This may be the reason why there is a practice in Hindi literature to call Muktak ‘Gagarme Sagar’. The best liberator can be the one who can experience new joy, wonderful poetic taste and mental contentment. If the combination of imagination and words is found there a light is created, that is the enlightenment of the liberator.

Experience, knowledge and ability to express make the thought element emotional. The success of the creator is to be free, simple, easy and understandable. His works have made his work a complimentary material by using age and heart from the very beginning. These are the features of this collection.

This text is contemporary, natural and powerful. Words and emotions flow through the mind of the reader. The unique combination of spontaneity and simplicity makes the mind of the entire reader excited and jingle. I have felt that this book has added a wide dimension of a new consciousness to the Nepali liberated world due to its eloquent language, cultured word scheme and easy spirit. Therefore, I think it is necessary to reach this ‘inconsistent settlement’ once in a while.

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