Lottie Moss Video Link Leaked Viral on Reddit & Twitter

Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss went viral On Twitter, Reddit, and more. OnlyFans, an adult website, is constantly generating buzz on the internet.

Lottie Moss also discussed her s*x life, drug use, and future plans during this week’s OnlyFans live stream. According to the news outlet, Lottie earned $200 in tips during her live stream video, which she later sold for $35 on her O.F profile. “I’ve been asking what people want to watch and a lot of you said smoking,” the influencer and model began her live stream. Who else is a smoker on this floor? “Brighten one for me!” Continue reading to learn more.

Video of Lottie Moss

According to the news outlet, Lottie Moss broadcasted a live stream on her OnlyFans page and then sold the video on her account. Additionally, she captioned the video, which reads, “If you missed my live streaming, fear not! It’s an hour of me smoking, admiring one of my favorite toys, and admiring my t*ties. While you’re watching, let’s get high and hrny!”

The Lottie Moss Video Has Gone Viral

Lottie discussed her recent stint in rehab and how her tolerance for marijuana has decreased since then. “I want to smoke more, but I am already so f****ng high,” she stated. It takes about nearly four puffs to get me stoned.” Additionally, she stated that it is “critical” to be candid about issues. Lottie informed viewers that she was “away for about a month in rehab for separate issues, such as mental health stuff.”

Lottie stated that she “could not smoke weed” while in rehab but is glad she can now because it helps her “relax and de-stress.” “I was extremely depressed and unhappy, but I am so much happier now,” she explained. I’m feeling more optimistic about life.”

“London Is Simply Not For Me…” Lottie Announces Her Relocation

Lottie also announced an upcoming exciting change, informing onlookers that she will be relocating to Los Angeles, California, in less than two weeks. “I am relocating to increase my content,” she stated. There are many more OnlyFans out there. London is simply not my cup of tea.” Lottie revealed that she will be moving in with Megan Barton Hanson, a former Love Island contestant, and the two will collaborate on content, which she described as “so hot.”