Luis Ruelas Video New Footage of Teresa Giudice’s Fiancé & More Evidence

luis ruelas video new footage of teresa giudices fiance more evidence

WATCH: Luis Ruelas Video New Footage of Teresa Giudice’s Fiancé & More Evidence: The most popular reality show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is creating a buzz on the web with its another dramatic episode. One such fascinating episode telecasted on Tuesday created a lot of controversies. Joe Gorga stated on Tuesday night’s Season 12 finale of TRHONJ that there must be “some truth” to the accusations of abuse made against Luis “Louie” Ruelas. The 42-years-old, Gorga asked 46-years-old Ruelas, directing at the time of the cast collecting in Nashville. Follow More Update On

Luis Ruelas Video

Luis Ruelas Video

Luis Ruelas Video

Ruelas who is now engaged to the sister of Gorga, Teresa Giudice- replied, “I got divorced when I was 35-years-old and I was pretty confused. And then I went on to have a couple of bad and toxic relationships with thirsty, desperate, low-life exes.” Gorga pointed out that Ruelas may have very well been in bad and toxic relationships but that does not answer for the barrage of disturbing accusations about his past.

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Gorga stated, “You could have been in a toxic relationship, but the tales are constantly coming. There is obviously some truth to those tales. Some of them, right?” Ruelas then accepted that he has not always been “this crown of a man”  and “made his own mistakes” in past relationships. “I take ownership of that” Ruelas stated, however, he insisted that he “was not abusive”. The entrepreneur then pivoted the conversations and informed Gorga that his “life has changed” after meeting the 49-years-old, Giudice.

Luis Ruelas Video New Footage of Teresa Giudice’s Fiancé

He stated, “The number of sleepless nights I have had, you know, attempting to manifest the right lady in my life, I just want to make sure you that I will always be there for her, I would not let her down. I will love her every second of the day as she deserves that.” Gorga took this statement as Ruelas asking him for permission to wedded his sister, a gesture he looked to appreciate. He stated, “Listen if you are asking me for her hand, absolutely. ‘Thank You”.

In a confessional, Gorga described why he gave Ruelas his blessing in the spite of the negative press that follows the latter. “Yes, the accepting of Louie that he was not perfect. But what he is doing in the present, is what is essential. And because my father is not here, I appreciate Louie viewing me the respect to ask,” he informed the camera. “He understands what family is all about, so I support their wedding.”

Ruelas has faced asserted that he is “s*x-obsessed”, was abusive in past relationships, and has illicit problems over reportedly improper business practices.

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