Maceo Sicam (Come Dance With Me Contestant) Bio, Wiki, Career, Age & Father Albert Sicam

maceo sicam come dance with me contestant bio wiki career age father albert sicam

The first duo to exit the dance competition Come Dance With Me was Maceo Sicam and his father. Let’s look into Maceo’s background, including his age and Wikipedia.

Maceo Sicam is a well-known teen dancer who has competed against eleven duos on the dance platform as part of the new reality show Come Dance With Me. Maceo Sicam has teamed up with his father Albert in the hopes of winning the $100,000 championship.

However, Albert sustained injuries during practise, and the team was the first to be eliminated from the competition. During their rehearsal, Albert, in particular, fell to the floor and was hurt. He also returned with a cast on his foot as a result of his injury.

Maceo SicamMaceo Sicam

Maceo Sicam

On Come Dance With Me, who is Maceo Sicam? Bio, Wiki and Age

Maceo Sicam is a multi-talented teen dancer who loves hip hop and can sing and dance. This fourteen-year-old youngster is an expert in hip hop and freestyle dancing, as well as acting. Maceo Scam rose to prominence at a young age, although his name does not appear on Wikipedia’s official page.

He has been studying dance genres at the Millenium Dance Complex in particular, where he was mentored by renowned choreographers Guy Groove and Jr. Jacoby Mosby. He has also collaborated with the pop group Futurepop.

Maceo Sicam adores his parents since they are always so supportive of him. Albert Sicam, a programme engineer, walked into the show and was injured while dancing with him. His father was sorry for him because they couldn’t continue the adventure.

During the dance practise, Maceo Sciam and his father, on the other hand, were able to build their bond. At the end of the show, Maceo performed with his choreographer and paid tribute to his father. In addition, he has a younger sister named EdenSky Sicam.

On Instagram, you may find Maceo Sicam

Maceo Sicam has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the audience because he has been well-known in the crowd for a long time. Maceo Sicam’s Instagram account is where he frequently showcases his dance moves and daily activities with his admirers.

He is particularly active on Instagram, where he goes by the handle @maceomatrix and has 16.4k followers. To date, he has submitted 1,414 posts to his Instagram account.

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