Madhav Kumar Nepal’s 57 UML members have stood for unity

Madhav Kumar Nepal

In the past, 57 UML members who have been in favor of Madhav Kumar Nepal have stood for unity.

Leaders including Vice-Chairmen Bhim Rawal, Astalaxmi Shakya, Yuvraj Gyawali, Deputy General Secretary Ghanshyam Bhusal, Secretaries Bhim Acharya, Gokarna Bista, Yogesh Bhattarai, Standing Committee Member Surendra Pandey, and Raghuji Pantal will continue their efforts for party unity. 

A meeting of 57 central members and parliamentarians has urged Madhav Kumar Nepal to withdraw from the new party registration, emphasizing the immediate implementation of the 10-point agreement.

Giving information about the decision of the meeting, UML Vice-Chairman Rawal said that unity efforts would be continued. 

He also said that they have decided to implement the 10-point agreement immediately and request the newly formed CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal to stop the registration process of the new party.

“The 10-point agreement should be implemented immediately. The process of opening a separate party should be stopped. 

We have decided that the action taken against them should be quashed, ”he said. He said that the conclusion of the internal dispute should be found within the party.

He demanded the repeal of the party split ordinance. “This ordinance brings political instability and attacks democracy,” he said. 

Rawal also said that a joint statement would be issued in favor of unity.

Central member Niraj Acharya informed that the meeting decided to stop the leaders from attacking each other, killing characters, and urging them to remain calm. 

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