Madhya BhoteKoshi IPO last date today, result & How to Check

Madhya BhoteKoshi IPO

Madhya BhoteKoshi IPO last date today to apply for the IPO, Check date and learn How to Check Result

About 819,000 applicants will be able to apply for the Madhya BhoteKoshi IPO of Bhotekoshi Hydropower Company per 10 lots. 

Applications for the Madhya BhoteKoshi IPO, which is open to the public from 20 Aswin, can be submitted till today.

Even if the company issues 9 million shares worth a total of Rs 900 million, the public will be able to apply for only 8.19 million shares. Of which, more than 819,000 applicants are guaranteed to receive 10 shares.

Out of the total issue, 4 percent or 360,000 shares have been allotted to the employees of the company and 5 percent or 450,000 shares have been allotted to the collective investment fund.

Applications for the company’s IPO can be submitted till Aswin 25. Interested investors can apply for IPO at the rate of Rs 100 per lot for a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 10,000 lots.

Applications for the IPO can be made through all ASBA member banks and financial institutions, designated sales branch offices, or through Mero Share. The project-based on run-of-river under construction in Bhotekoshi village municipality of Sindhupalchowk will generate electricity from 102 MW.