Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO is opening on July 29

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Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO

The IPO of Mailung Khola Hydropower Company Limited will be launched from July 29.

The company is going to issue 7,36,286 ordinary shares worth Rs 73,628,600.

Of the total issue, 2 percent will be for 14,726 employees and 5 percent will be for 36,814 shares of the collective investment fund. 

The general public will be able to apply for the remaining 684,746 lots.

The general public can apply for the shares till August 2. 

A minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 100,000 lots can be applied for in an IPO.

The issue and sale manager of the company is Siddhartha Capital Limited.

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