Makwanpur-Kathmandu road blocked

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The road to Kathmandu via Makwanpur has been blocked.

 According to the police, the Hetauda-Sisneri and Hetauda-Fakhel sections of Tribhuvan, Kanti Lokpath, and a short distance to Kathmandu via Hetauda have been blocked due to continuous rain.

According to the police, Kanti Lokpath has been blocked due to landslides in Gargare and Bhattedanda of Lalitpur while other roads have been blocked due to mudslides in Badhjhwara of Bhimfedi village.

The bridge construction material spilled

The river that came with the rain in Gadhi village municipality of Makawanpur has washed away the materials of the bridge under construction. 

According to the police, the material laid during the slope of the concrete bridge being constructed to connect wards 3 and 5 in Samari Khola of the municipality was spilled.

It is estimated that around Rs 4 million was lost due to the flood.

A bridge made of iron and wood to cross the river in Gadhi Gaonpalika-5 Simaltar was also washed away due to the flood, said Makwanpur Chief Superintendent of Police Somendra Singh Rathore.

According to him, it has been requested to be vigilant as the water level in the rivers has increased due to rains. The water level in Samari and Rapti districts is high.