Man Shot Dead By Police In United Stated of Michigan Video Footage Leaked On Twitter and Reddit

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WATCH: Man Shot Dead By Police In United Stated of Michigan Video Footage Leaked On Twitter and Reddit: Cops in the United Stated of Michigan have issued video footage of an officer lethally shooting a 26-year-old Black man in the head, in an incident that has provoked renewed calls for action to stop cadaverous police violence that happened against Black people in the United States. The 26-years-old, Patrick Lyoya was shot dead on Monday, 4th of April 2022 outside a home in Grand Rapids, a city of about 200,000 inhabitants that is 240km (150 miles) northwest of Detroit, Michigan, following a traffic stop. Quoting a requirement for transparency, Grand Rapids Police Cheif Eric Winstrom issued videos of the shooting on Wednesday, including critical footage recorded by the passenger in her car of Lyoya on that rainy morning. Follow More Update On

Man Shot Dead By Police

Man Shot Dead By Police

Man Shot Dead By Police Video

Video footage views Lyoya running from the officer who stopped him for driving with a license plate that did not belong to the vehicle. They struggled in front of many houses while the passenger of Lyoya got out and watched and filmed the entire incident. The police officer constantly ordered Lyoya to “let go” of his Taser, at one point demanding: “Drop the Taser!” Winstrom stated that the fight over the Taser lasted about around 90 seconds. In the final moments, the officer was on top of Lyoya, kneeling on his back at times to suppress him.

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Man Shot Dead By Police United Stated of Michigan

Winstrom informed reporters on Wednesday that “From my view of the video, Taser was deployed two times. Taser did not make contact and Mr Lyoya was shot in the head. Though that is the only information that I have.” A reporter hailed from Chicago, stated video footage viewing Lyoya being shot in the back of the head has spurred “furious” from the family of the man. Hendren stated, “It is clear from the video that there is a lengthy tussle between Lyoya and the officer. The officer has pulled Lyoya over because, as per the officer on the tape, the license plate on the vehicle did not match the car.”

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“He asks Lyoya to get back in the vehicle because he has stepped out…Lyoya does not respond, does not get back in the vehicle, and comes up not to understand what the officer is stating.” The lethal incident comes in the middle of the nationwide enumeration over police violence against Black People in the United States, which has watched the protests of Black Lives Matter since the cops assassinating of George Floyd in Minneapolis in the month of May 2020. The NAACP, a famous civil rights group, stated in a written statement on Wednesday in response to the Michigan video that “Another Black man has passed away at the hands of police, and the officer in this video has got to be held accountable.”

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