Manang added a total of 263 new voters

Manang Voters

In Manang, a total of 263 new voters have been registered. The new voters were added as part of the local voter registration effort run by the Election Office Manang.

In all three local levels of the district, the office ran a voter registration effort. Aside from that, the Election Officer and the District Administration Office are collecting voter lists. Voter lists were collected in the first phase in Ngisyang Rural Municipality and Narpabhumi Municipality, and in the second phase in Naso Municipality.

The biggest number of voters has been added from Manang Ngisyang rural municipality, according to Acting Chief Election Officer of the Election Office Manang, Ananta Subedi. According to him, the village municipality has added 28 voters, Narpabhumi municipality has added 10, and Naso municipality has added 25. The number of women who have been added has increased.

Similarly, 200 voters from the District Election Officer and the District Administration Office have been added. “The registration information is being double-checked. “If the name is mentioned more than once, it will be erased,” he stated.

The information gathered will be verified and forwarded to the Election Commission.