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July 10, Chitwan. The Bharatpur Municipal Corporation of Chitwan has decided to make the policy of making road pitch mandatory only after constructing sewers in the main urban areas.

Stating that there is no road pitch in many urban areas of the metropolis but many places have been inundated due to lack of sewage, the policy and program presented by the corporation for the coming fiscal year has given priority to sewer construction.

Presenting the policy and program of the metropolis, Renu Dahal, chief of the Bharatpur Metropolitan City, said that a team with technicians would be formed to immediately implement minor maintenance works such as maintenance of infrastructure, gravel and culverts. This is in line with the Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation’s decision to build an infrastructure ambulance. The corporation has included in the program to build sky bridges in busy and main chowks like Shaheed Chowk, Hakim Chowk and Malpot Chowk.

Dahal has introduced a program to start quality and safe public transport service including electric buses on three routes in the metropolis, and to provide free electric buses to and from the holy shrine of Devghat for senior pilgrims.

The corporation, which has been criticized for not constructing public toilets in the last five years, has brought a program to build public toilets in urgent places within the metropolis.

As the population density is increasing in the core area of ​​the metropolis and the market is also becoming centralized, the metropolis has brought a policy to study the feasibility of satellite town with the objective of decentralizing the core city of Bharatpur.

In collaboration with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to continue the work of connection and expansion of smart street lights and high mast lights in the main roads and market areas of the metropolis. Is mentioned.

The work of preparing metropolitan transport master plan for ward boundaries, road network and road jurisdiction classification using GIS has been completed in the coming fiscal year. The corporation has stated that it will prepare project bank of possible big projects to be implemented next year to manage the infrastructure development work.

The program includes phasing out electricity, telephone, cable lines and internet wires in the metropolitan area, constructing an amusement park with sea beach model under construction on the banks of Narayani River in partnership with the federal and state governments.

Encourage the private sector to build a national level industrial school in ward no. 29 of the metropolis in collaboration with the private sector. It is included in the policy and program for effective implementation.

Up to 7,000 liters of drinking water will be paid by the metropolis

The corporation will pay the drinking water fee of the consumers who consume up to 7,000 liters of drinking water monthly within the corporation.

The project on sustainable waste management, which is being set up in the metropolis with the help of the Korean government for waste management of the metropolis, will be implemented soon, said Dahal.

It is mentioned that in partnership with the private sector, segregation centers will be set up at suitable places of the metropolis for sustainable management by sorting the waste sources and managing the organic and non-organic waste in the same place using AAA model. The metropolis has taken the policy of giving special encouragement to the wards that manage the landfill site in their own wards.

The metropolis has a plan to expand the Jorkusum area below Dayalo Bangla to Vageshwari and make it an attractive park.

The program includes a press release at 3 pm on the last Friday of each month, a quarterly public program with the mayor to develop a system for listening to public grievances, and the establishment of an employee welfare fund to contribute to the financial security of local employees.

It has been mentioned in the program presented by the mayor Dahal that free health check-up (eye, dental etc.) will be arranged in the school once a year for the children of all the community schools.

With the financial support of Bagmati Pradesh, ward no. A policy will be taken to take necessary initiative to complete the construction of industries in 5 out of 20 bighas area quickly, pay taxes regularly and respect the industrialists who provide employment to more than 50 people from the metropolis.

In order to encourage the establishment of industrial villages by the private sector in a centralized and at least 10 industries, the KMC will provide assistance and coordination for the construction of infrastructure (roads, electricity, compounds, sewerage, drinking water, etc.). It is mentioned that the metropolis will adopt the policy of not imposing any penalty on the taxpayers in the coming fiscal year and giving exemption to the taxpayers to collect the tax on time.

All landless dalits, landless squatters and unorganized settlers living within the Bharatpur Metropolitan City will be given land ownership certificates in coordination with the National Land Commission.

Priority to stadium, study of establishment of sports academy

Bharatpur Municipal Corporation Ward No. The metropolis has given priority to the policy of showing special readiness and assistance to complete the construction of Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium, which was halted due to lack of funds.

It has been mentioned that coordination and initiative will be taken with the Central Government, Bagmati State Government and National Sports Council to complete the construction of the cricket stadium.

Dahal said that necessary studies would be carried out to complete the Chitrawan Football Stadium, build a mini stadium in Campachaur and establish a sports academy for the development of the sports sector. She said that Bharatpur Metropolitan City has been included in the program to develop it as a sports city.

Free life insurance for daughter, senior citizen rest house

In order to ensure the health and safety of the daughters in the Bharatpur Metropolitan City, the policy and program presented by the Mayor Dahal has effectively included the implementation of the free ‘Daughter Life Insurance’ program for daughters born in government health institutions from women residing in the metropolis.

She made her first decision here after taking over as mayor in her second term.

Continuation of bicycle distribution program to extend access to school education to underprivileged adolescents under ‘Mayor Program’ with women and at-risk communities, maintaining ‘One Ward One Senior Citizen Rest House’, free OPD provided by Bharatpur Hospital to women, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Ticket subsidy will be continued.

Similarly, a help desk has been set up at Bharatpur Hospital to facilitate daughter insurance and OPD ticket management, and a campaign has been launched to conduct a screening campaign for cervical cancer for all adolescents.

Agriculture and Livestock: Classification of agricultural and non-agricultural land, agricultural ambulance with experts

In the policy and program of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, it has been mentioned that the corporation will coordinate for the consolidation of agricultural land and contract farming by classifying agricultural and non-agricultural land within six months to implement the Land Use Act and regulations.

To provide technical assistance to the farmers immediately, an agricultural ambulance with agricultural experts will be operated, the corporation will be developed as a hub of improved seed (food) production, subsidy will be given on the basis of production quantity to encourage the farmers, and the quality of seeds will be tested and certified by the metropolis.

To coordinate with the federal government for the regular operation of the dilapidated Narayani Lift Irrigation Project, to provide subsidy to those who have returned from foreign employment and unemployed youth to engage in commercial farming if they want to engage in commercial farming. The policies are included in the policies and programs submitted by the metropolis.

Continuing the agricultural insurance program, the subsidy of Rs. 3 per liter given to farmers for milk production has been kept unchanged.

The metropolis has stated that one ward one veterinary service technical program will be implemented with priority.

Tourism and Culture: Bharatpur Tourism Year 2080

The Bharatpur Municipal Corporation has stated that Bikram Samvat 2080 BS will be celebrated as the year of visiting Bharatpur. In its policy and program, the corporation has declared Bharatpur Visit Year 2080 BS and stated that it will run ‘Let’s go around Bharatpur’ campaign.

The corporation has stated that it will celebrate the year of tourism by promoting and developing 30 major tourist destinations.

Chowkidanda, a hilly area of ​​the metropolis, has been included in the policy and program of developing MICE tourism in partnership with local consumers, preparing and issuing tourist information maps. The metropolis has mentioned to build a tourist pillar of Bharatpur metropolis by identifying the suitable land.

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