Maoist to build oxygen plants

Maoist Centre plans to build oxygen plants in all seven provinces

The CPN (Maoist Centre) has announced plans to build oxygen plants near government and community hospitals in each of the country’s seven provinces.

The Maoist Centre decided to build oxygen plants to ensure that patients suffering from COVID-19 have access to oxygen.

The party’s Standing Committee meeting on May 19 and 20 adopted its policies, initiatives, and structures to help ease oxygen supplies in the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The central committee meeting for the development of oxygen plants also examined the party’s policies and programs.

A dedicated initiative would also be launched to elicit national and international assistance for the same. Similarly, options and activities would be developed to identify potentials for PPE production in the country.

Following the release of the party Standing Committee meeting, Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ stated that the party would make all feasible efforts to protect civilians’ lives.

In the aftermath of the second wave of the COVID-19, the Maoist Centre has likewise decided that the government has utterly failed to prevent the spread of virus infection and protect residents’ fundamental health rights.

Similarly, the Maoist Centre has resolved to establish the COVID-19 Fund under the supervision of the party. People’s representatives elected from the Maoist Centre, as well as party cadres appointed to political positions, have been urged to donate to the Fund from their various roles and positions.

The party has also requested that the government closely manage international border points and establish basic physical infrastructures in bordering areas, such as health desks, detention centers, and others.

The Maoist party has also begun diplomatic efforts to obtain anti-COVID-19 vaccines from the international world in order to meet domestic demand for the vaccine.

The party has taken issue with the administration’s dithering and commission mongering about anti-COVID-19 vaccines and has opted to pile pressure on the administration to ensure that the vaccines are managed in a timely manner.

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