Mayors pledge to make the Kathmandu Valley bike-friendly

The mayors of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Kirtipur have together pledged to make the Kathmandu Valley bicycle-friendly.

Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balendra Shah, Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Chiribabu Maharjan, and Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality Raj Kumar Nakarmi addressed a bicycle rally organized by in collaboration with Cycle Culture Movement on the occasion of World Bicycle and Environment Day this morning. They pledged to take the necessary steps to transform the Valley into a bicycle-friendly city.

Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balendra Shah stated that the city would immediately initiate research into the construction of bicycle-friendly roads and infrastructure in Kathmandu.

He stated that the Metropolitan City of Kathmandu requires a bicycle-friendly capital to address challenges such as the environment.

Chiribabu Maharjan, the mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, stated that efforts have been taken to make the city bicycle-friendly.

During his second tenure, he pledged to make numerous Lalitpur Metropolitan City locations bicycle-friendly.

Hundreds of eager cyclists participated in the effort to popularize the usage of bicycles in the Kathmandu Valley.