Meaning, TikTok, Twitter Stories, 2022 YouTube Exposed

meaning tiktok twitter stories 2022 youtube

Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Models Video: Meaning, TikTok, Twitter Stories, 2022 YouTube Exposed: Several people wake up the long weekend with an unusual topic trending on several social media platforms, especially on Twitter. Those who were brave enough to click on the many links to Dubai Porta Potty immediately regretted their decision. Sans going into much information, the disgusting viral trend refers to a phenomenon where the female social media influencer and Instagram models get messages from wealthy men in Dubai who are ready to pay them thousands of dollars to defecate on their faces. Follow More Update On

Porta Potty Dubai

Porta Potty Dubai

Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Models Video

This assertion is made after several media reports. Whilst the videos, which have now been taken down from social media, have not been verified, they prompted a Dubai native to come forward and express his misgivings about the explicit content. In the TikTok post, @ebrahim_ka cited an Instagram model: “All rich men in Dubai fly girls out to do this. They are cheap and disgusting. All of them have the same fetish. What shocks me the most is that individuals of Dubai are not keeping up with these trending videos, and they never heard of such a thing.”

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Dubai Porta Potty: Meaning, TikTok, Twitter Stories

The TikTok user @ebrahim_ka went on the describe that he is from Dubai and classifies himself as a “financially built man in Dubai”. He also observed that fetish was not common among Arab men. “I for one do not enjoy defecating on the faces of other people. As per media outlets, it is not clear how the trend began, but it is not a new phenomenon. “Kinks having to do with bodily fluids have been around for years and have their own communities in BDSM-type space,” penned Kori Williams of Distractify.

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Dubai Porta Potty Video 2022 YouTube Exposed

Williams further added, “While it is not clear how Arab men particularly became attached to this trend, no particular kink or fetish is exclusive to one gender or racial demographic.” A blogger who goes by the name Kaiser runs The Hidden Dominion, a site that documents the “painful, slow downfall of Western society.” In his latest blog, he talked about Dubai Porta-Potties and observed that the trend not only disclosed the depravity of society but also how far these so-called “slay queens” would go to fulfill oddly s**ual fetishes for rich tycoons in exchange for money.

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Kaisar mentioned Kaisar TagTheSponser, a website that is active in exposing this type of behavior.

How Does It Work?

“The most common misconception is that the site admins contact the ‘models’. Our original admirers know that this is not how it works. We get stories from a handful of admirers that get solicited by Instagram models. They then submit the screenshots,” the website noted.

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