Meet His Wife Julie And Three Kids

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Larry Gebert is married to Julie and lives in Boise, Idaho.

Larry Gebert, a meteorologist and philanthropist who died at the age of 65, has received a torrent of tributes. His wife, three sons, and two daughters-in-law survive him.

Who is Larry Gebert’s wife Julie from Boise, Idaho? – Do They Have Any Children?

Larry and Julie Gebert had three children together. Austin, Michael, and David are their three sons, two of whom are married. Nicole and Ashley are their two daughters-in-law.

On the internet, there is no extra information on them. He was, however, a caring husband and father who would have been there for them at any time.

Larry, on the other hand, had a huge impact on the industry. He got his start in broadcasting in 1977 while attending Carroll College in Helena, Montana, where he worked for a radio station.

The next year, he began working on television as a sports reporter in Great Falls, Montana, eventually ascending to the position of News Director in 1980. He worked in Billings, Montana for three years before moving to Boise in 1983. Since 1992, he has also served as a meteorologist for Idaho’s NewsChannel 7.

Larry Gebert Age & Net worth

Larry Gebert’s net worth has not been reported, however he died at the age of 65. However, some claim that his annual income is around $50,000.

However, according to, the average Meteorologist salary in Idaho as of March 29, 2022 is $96,789. However, the most common range is $74,774 to $120,169.

Furthermore, his more than three-decade career as a meteorologist had aided him in gaining a foothold in the sector. He was a well-known philanthropist as well.

Obituary: What Caused Larry Gebert’s Death?

Larry Gebert, a philanthropist and meteorologist, passed away quietly on Friday evening after complications from a heart attack. Many others gave him honours on social media.

Over his 30 years at KTVB, he was always there to lend an ear, offer excellent advise, or tell a really long story that had nothing to do with the original topic but made you forget about your concerns, according to the station.

When it came to weather forecasting, he did everything he could every day to keep numerous families safe in Idaho.