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Mero Share, mero share login & meroshare cdsc com np

Mero Share developed by CDSC can be used to apply IPO, FPO, Right Share through Mero share Online at home. log in, see mero share details & manage.

Mero share is a system for mero share login developed by CDSC mero share cdsc com np for providing services to investors in the Nepalese Capital Market.

Mero share CDSC Login

Nepal’s stock market has made significant progress in recent years. Investors will no longer have to stand in line for hours to fill up their shares, then stand in line again to get their money back. Similarly, there is no need to visit the share registrar to obtain the certificate of bonus, right, and a cash dividend.

All of these amenities are available for only Rs. 50 per year. By becoming a Mero Share customer, you can do all of these things from the comfort of your own home. To use the Mero Share feature, simply enter your email address and the beneficiary number of your Demat account.

Check the IPO result at CDS & Clearing Limited has launched a separate website to view the outcomes of public securities offerings.