Ministry of Health in Nepal has ordered hospitals to make their price lists public

Ministry of health orders to make price list public

The Ministry of Health and Population has given hospitals seven days to make their price lists public.

The ministry has requested that hospitals and health centers post information about the services they provide as well as the costs associated with those services on their websites. This information must also be posted on the notice board of the respective institution.

The Ministry of Health has ordered all government, private, community, and cooperative health institutions to make the types of services they provide and their costs public within seven days.

This new directive, according to the Ministry of Health and Population, was issued to control the irregularities that have arisen as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

The ministry has been inundated with complaints of patients being overcharged under various pretexts, according to the report.

The ministry also stated that it had come to its attention that patients were being subjected to a variety of unnecessary health tests, and that at times, health institutions were asking attendants to go look for oxygen cylinders.

According to the ministry, some health centers were also forcing patients to purchase unnecessary medicines and medical equipment.

Such complaints had been filed with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Council of Ministers, as well as with Hello Sarkar, according to the Health Ministry.