Dhanusha Dead

Missing person in Dhanusha found dead after 5 days

A person who has been missing for five days has been found dead in Dhanusha.

Nageshwar Shah, a resident of Kamala Municipality Ward No. 3, was found dead in a culvert near a canal in the village, police said.

Shah, 55, who had been missing since last Thursday evening, was found dead, said Rabin Mainali, Inspector at the Area Police Office, Khajuri.

Shah had gone to the market with his wife last Thursday. However, Shah’s wife Sunita was the only one to return home after he said that he would return after watching the orchestra organized in the market. However, his body was found while searching for him.

According to locals, Shah was an alcoholic. Police Inspector Mainali said that he had fallen in a culvert and might have died while returning home after drinking alcohol.

Police said that other investigations are underway into the incident.

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