Missing: Teresa Kennedy And Bethany Tiner – Was Father Joe Tiner Arrested?

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Missing: Teresa Kennedy And Bethany Tiner – Was Father Joe Tiner Arrested?: The missing lawsuit of Teresa Kennedy and Bethany Tiner was precocious discussed by The Vanished Podcast, ever since radical person been funny to cognize much astir the missing case. Bethany Tiner and Teresa Kennedy person been missing since 1997. The missing lawsuit of these 2 has gained immense attraction erstwhile it archetypal came retired successful the media. On 28 March 2022, The Vanished Podcast discussed the acold lawsuit of missing. It is an unforgettable case, particularly for those who already cognize astir it. Many radical person been searching for much details astir the case. In this section, we are going to supply you with each the accusation which radical are searching for. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Teresa Kennedy And Bethany Tiner

Teresa Kennedy And Bethany Tiner’s Missing Case

As per the reports, Teresa Kennedy and her daughter, Bethany Tiner aged 3 person been missing for much than 2 decades. Teresa and her husband, Joe Tiner divorced each different successful the twelvemonth 1996 aft 10 years of their marriage. Initially, they shared the custody of their daughters- Catherine and Bethany. In February 1996, Teresa got disappeared on with her daughter, Bethany.

Teresa’s husband, Joe had seen her girl past astatine the Watson Mobile Home Park successful Chickasha, wherever she was surviving with her parent earlier getting disappeared. On 03 December 1996, Teresa besides wrote a missive successful which she was asking the tribunal to assistance the ineligible custody of her girl to her parents, Lee Aaron Kennedy and Catherine Aline Kenney successful lawsuit of her decease oregon disability. Following that, Joe, Teresa’s hubby tracked them to Oak Harbor, Washington, and hired an attorney.

Joe had filed a lawsuit for afloat custody of her daughter. After a agelong combat for custody, Joe yet gets afloat rights to her girl from the court. On 01 January 1997, helium waited astatine the Starbucks astatine Seattle National  Airport for astir 12 hours but nary 1 came there. After that, helium went to the Oak Harbor Police Department, however, helium besides didn’t get immoderate effect from there, helium wanted.

After tons of effort, Joe has ne’er gotten the whereabouts of Teresa and Bethany. In 2017, 1 day, Joe got a connection connected Facebook from a young pistillate who saw Bethany’s photograph connected a missing kid poster and realized that it looked similar a photograph of herself erstwhile she was a child. Apart from this, she besides had a birthmark connected the near broadside close supra her hairline. Later, a DNA trial happened but the reports came negative. Joe is inactive searching for her daughter. No arrests were made during the probe of the missing case.

Teresa Kennedy And Bethany Tiner