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July 9, Kathmandu. Ram Shubhag Musahar of Susta Village Municipality-5, Nawalparasi had taken a loan of Rs. 130,000 in 2071 BS to send his son for foreign employment. He had taken a loan from Jagdish Bania to increase the interest rate by five percent by pledging the land in his wife’s name.

After paying the same amount to the manpower businessman, Ram Shubhag sent his son to Malaysia, but there was no good income. Within a few months, the son returned home. Now there was no choice but to sell the land to repay the loan. Samshubhak sold the land and paid Rs 4 lakh. But the documents of the pledged land were not returned. Sahu Baniyan kept saying that the loan has not been repaid.

Sahu sold another piece of land and paid Rs 500,000. However, Baniyan did not stop saying that the loan has not been repaid. They started selling the pledged land. He consulted with family members, advised them to get rid of this problem by paying money, and gave the responsibility of selling the land to Baniyan.

They lost one bigha and five katthas of land to pay the loan and interest of Rs. 130,000 and became landless. He says, ‘I don’t know how much was sold and where. I just went and signed. ‘ But the Baniyas are still demanding Rs 800,000.

He went from the village municipality to the district court against the atrocities committed by Sahu. After not being heard anywhere, they came to Kathmandu to agitate with the victims of meter badges. They are holding sit-ins at Maitighar Mandala.

Ashma Khatun
The story of Ashma Khatun of Pattapur village municipality, Nawalparasi is similar. She had taken a loan of Rs 8 lakh from Jagdish Baniya’s elder brother Suresh Baniya to build a house. Her husband had gone to Qatar for employment. While on leave, he took a loan of Rs. After building a house, the husband returned to Qatar and sent Rs 1 million to repay the loan.

Khatun’s father-in-law handed over the amount to Suresh. But Suresh threatened his father-in-law that the interest had not been paid yet. She said that even after selling 14 katthas of land and paying Rs 2.8 million, the loan was not repaid.

Saying that a loan of Rs 1.5 million is still outstanding, Suresh started threatening her every day. Pointing to her son, who was involved in a motorcycle accident, she said, “You said you paid off the debt. Now where to bring 1.5 million?

However, Suresh did not stop threatening. They started threatening to sell the land where the bail was kept. When she came home every day and started giving grief, she lodged a complaint against Suresh at the police office. But she did not receive justice. Now she has come to Kathmandu in the hope of getting justice and is agitating with Ram Subhak.

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Hridayesh Kurmi was found in the same dharna. In 2066 BS, I took a loan of Rs 1 lakh from Jagdish Bania and sang Qatar. I returned immediately because I did not have a good job, ‘he said. I took a loan of Rs 200,000 from Sunil Bania to marry my brother. ‘ He also sold 11 katthas of land to pay off both the loans. According to him, 2 million 35 thousand 500 has been paid in a period of 5 years by paying Rs. In 2071, they also said that your loan was repaid.

But from 2075, they started asking for money again. Kurmi says, ‘I have already paid 2 million 38 thousand 500. They are still asking for Rs 9 lakh. He complained that he did not get justice even when he went to the police office and district court to lodge a complaint.

He says that most of the people of Nawalparasi are made up of 4 brothers of the Baniyan family. They have come to draw the attention of the central government saying that they have not received justice from the local administration even after repeatedly drawing their attention.

The victims have been holding sit-ins at Maitighar Mandla every day for the past 11 days. After holding sit-ins at Maitighar all day, they reach Gaushala at night. They eat food brought from the village and spend the night in tents in the parking lot of Pashupati area. But now the rations have run out, they have not eaten well for two days. But the government has not even tried to listen to them.

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Photo: Aryan Dhimal / Online News

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