Momoispimpin Deleted Video Went Viral On Tiktok, Who Is He? Real Name Instagram & Family!

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Momoispimpin is one of the stars who went viral on the social media platform, her one video got viral on the internet. She posted the video on her own where she is being tasered by the cops. After posting this video this has been seen that many users and viewers shared that video, after that the video got deleted. This video was getting viral rapidly by many users. All of her followers were shocked after watching this video and they started giving different reactions. As per the updates, this personality is being followed by several followers on Instagram she has around 12.2k followers.  Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!!!!!

Momoispimpin Deleted Video

Momoispimpin Deleted Video

Her videos have gained 355.6 likes. In this video, the cops were using a combative device with approx 50,000 volts of electricity. Now she is silent on this incident and she is not sharing any updates related to this incident. There are only 2 videos clips that she posted on her account. One video shows focus on her where she is styling her hair. On the other hand in another video, she is shaking to bottle to freeze the water. Whereas in the third video the cops getting tasered

Momoispimpin Virak Video Tiktok

And it is coming on trending with different reactions. The video has been deleted, but somehow many users recorded it and hence that is the reason why the video is getting viral on the internet. As per the video, Momo w2as sitting in the car when the cops came and said her to get out of the car. The cop further said to open the door of the car he was holding a gun in hand. Momo silently disobeyed her. Police said to her that it was for her safety but she denied it to them.

Who Is Momoispimpin? Real Name & Instagram

Then the cop tasered her and was continuously saying her to put down his phone but Momo did not obey her. Stay tuned with us to get to know more about this situation. Despite all this mishappening this incident appears to be an April Fools Daya prank. However, it is not possible because it clearly shows that it is a matter of bullying. And if this happened then it’s a matter of shame that the cops are committing such an act in public. But there are no such updates on this incident where Momo is getting bullied by the officers.